Winter on Our Flower Farm

Winter has finally arrived in central Arkansas with our first freeze and cooler temperatures. While you might expect winter to be a less busy time on a flower farm, there is plenty still to do! We are busy making dried floral wreaths, crafting evergreen wreaths, planting flowers and bulbs, and planning for the season ahead!

Dried Flower Wreaths

We harvest and dry excess flowers all summer long in preparation for the dried flower wreaths we make in the fall. Some of our favorite flowers for drying are gomphrena, strawflower, winged everlasting, and statice. The base of our dried flower wreaths is locally harvested muscadine vines. Each wreath is a unique work of art and makes a wonderful gift. These dried flower wreaths are made to hang indoors in your home and will last a lifetime if kept out of direct sun and moisture.

Prices on our dried flower wreaths range from $35 to $70, depending on size. These are one-of-a-kind items sold in-store only, so stop by today to see what we have!

Evergreen Wreaths

We begin making and selling our fresh evergreen wreaths each year after Thanksgiving. These wreaths are created with a combination of Frazer Fur and locally foraged pine, cedar, holly, herbs, dried fruits, berries, and native grasses. We build each wreath onto an American-made metal base from Mitchell Wreath Co. Our Evergreen wreaths are made to hang outdoors and will last for several months or more. Take care to place them out of direct sunlight and spritz them every few days with fresh water to make them last even longer. We make fresh wreaths every week during the holiday season and are now shipping our evergreen wreaths nationwide! Order yours today!

Potted Bulbs

This year we are offering potted Paperwhite and Amaryllis bulbs for the first time! These potted bulbs bloom during the holiday season and are a wonderful gift for friends and family, as a hostess or teacher gift, or just as a treat to yourself to brighten up your home.

Planting Tulip and Daffodil Bulbs 

December is the time to plant our tulip and daffodil bulbs! Each year we order thousands of bulbs to plant in anticipation of spring blooms. We will put these into the ground in mid-December. We will see our first blooms in late February or early March!

Planning for the Season Ahead

Winter is the perfect time to begin planning for the next growing season. After the holidays, you can find us crouched over our seed catalogs and spreadsheets, busily planning our garden for the coming year. We order seeds for our summer and fall flower, vegetable, and herb seeds to grow for our spring plant sale. It won't be long before we fire up the heaters in our greenhouses to get a head start on the growing season.

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