Flower Share Q&A

Summer is in full swing at Bell Urban Farm, and we are excited to launch our new Flower Shares! These shares are a great way to support local farmers and enjoy locally grown flowers all summer long.

Are you interested in signing up, but still hesitant? Read the answers to some of our frequently asked questions to determine if a Flower Share is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Flower Share?
A flower share is a flower subscription; you pay upfront and get a fresh flower bouquet or bucket each week, all summer long!

How do I sign up for a Flower Share?
Sign up on our website. The sign-up opens on June 14, 2022, and closes on June 25, 2022.

How long does the Flower Share last?
Our Summer Flower Share lasts 10 weeks long! It will start on July 1, 2022, and end on September 2, 2022.

What are the Flower Share options and pricing?
We are offering two different Flower Share options:

  • Weekly Bouquet: When you sign up for the weekly bouquet, you will get a paper-wrapped mixed flower bouquet each week! Each week it will be a different mix of beautiful summer flowers. The weekly bouquet option is $15 per week, so $150 plus tax for the 10-week share.
  • Designer Bundle: The designer bundle is a bucket of 3-5 different flower types each week. The designer bundle is perfect for small-scale floral designers, event planners, restaurants, businesses, or just for someone who likes making bouquets and filling their home with fresh flowers! The designer bundle option is $50 weekly for a total of $500 plus tax for the 10-week share.

How often do I pick up my share?
You pick up your Flower Share weekly.

Where and when do I pick up my Flower Share?
Grab your Flower Share at the Farmstand at Bell Urban Farm in Conway, Arkansas, located at 2011 Tyler Street. We have ADA-accessible parking, and are happy to deliver to your car.

Pick up your Flower Share on Friday 1:00 - 6:00 pm, Saturday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm, or Sunday 1:00 - 5:00 pm. Each week we send out an email and text reminder to subscribers. Just like with produce, the sooner you pick up the flowers, the fresher they will be! We will keep them in our cooler until you pick it up to preserve freshness.

What kinds of flowers will be in my Flower Share?
Some of the flowers you can expect to see in your flower share this summer include sunflowers, zinnias, marigolds, gomphrena, basil, lisianthus, ageratum, celosia, rudbeckia, dahlias, statice, and strawflower.

Can I request a specific flower in my bouquet or designer bundle?
The types of flowers included will vary each week. We are unable to take requests on types of flowers or colors. Each week will be a beautiful surprise!

Where do the flowers come from?
All of the flowers you see in your Flower Share are grown locally within the state of Arkansas. Many flowers are grown on our farm, Bell Urban Farm, but we also partner with other flower farms to source flowers! Blue Mountain Vegetable Farm, Whispering Willow Farm and Mindful Farmer are other farms that supply our flowers.

How long will the flowers last?
Each type of flower has a different vase life, or how long you can expect it to last in the vase. You can improve the vase life of your bouquet by freshening the water and trimming the stems. You can typically expect the flower bouquet to last a week or more if cared for properly!

Why buy a Flower Share?
Flower shares are a great way to support your local flower farmers and ensure that you have a fresh flower bouquet in your home each week! Studies have shown that a bouquet of fresh flowers in your home elevates your mood and relieves stress. Flowers make you happy!

Try splitting a flower share with friends and take turns picking it up each week!

Can I gift a Flower Share?
Of course! We love it when customers want to gift flowers. What a wonderful surprise that would be to receive a whole summer's worth of fresh flowers.

Do you deliver Flower Shares?
We do not deliver at this time. Please pick up your share from the Farmstand at Bell Urban Farm.

What if I am out of town one week and can't pick up?
You can have a family or a friend pick up your share if you are out of town, or you can let us know to donate it. You can email us at info@bellurbanfarm.com or call the Farmstand at 501-504-6996.

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