Celebrate your Valentine with locally made gifts!

We love helping you celebrate each holiday with thoughtful, locally made gifts and Valentine's Day is no exception! This year, we are excited to offer a pre-order for our handmade dried floral bouquets, wreaths and our tulip share. We are accepting pre-orders online for these items until Sunday, February 11th and you can pick them up at the Farmstand just in time for Valentine's Day. 

Pre-order your Valentine's Day gift here!

We will also have many other locally made items in stock at the Farmstand for gift giving including Valentine's greeting cards, chocolate bars, chocolate dipped strawberries and cherries, cake pops, pecan fudge and much more. 

Valentine's Day and Mother's Day are two of the largest sales days for flowers. Did you know that over 80% of the flowers used in bouquets in the US are imported?

Our flower farm uses only Arkansas grown flowers in our arrangements! Every flower you purchase from us comes directly from our farm or from another small farm in Arkansas. 

Why Local Flowers? When you choose locally grown flowers over imported flowers you are supporting a more sustainable and environmentally friendly product. The majority of the flowers sold in the US are imported other countries. Many of these imports come from large-scale commercial flower farms that rely on heavy use of pesticides, herbicides and often rely on underpaid labor. The local flowers we use in our wreaths and bouquets were grown at Bell Urban Farm (Conway, AR) & Blue Mountain Farm (Blue Mountain, AR). Both of these farms are Certified Naturally Grown Farms (a certification similar to Organic).

Why Dried Flowers? Dried flowers help us bridge the gap between winter and spring. We can dry our excess flowers during the summer and fall and use them during the cold months when we have few fresh flowers available. Dried flowers are also everlasting! While fresh flowers are lovely, they fade after a week or so but our dried flower wreaths and bouquets will last for years to come. We recommend you display your dried flowers inside your home out of humid conditions and out of direct sunlight for best longevity.

Want to read more about the flower industry? Check out this essay by Jennie Love!

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