2024 Tulip Shares from Bell Urban Farm

Give the gift of ✨FLOWERS✨ this holiday season! For the first time ever, we are offering tulip shares!

🌷What is a tulip share? Our tulip share is a 4-week subscription to our farm grown tulips! Sign yourself or a loved one up and receive 4 bouquets of our beautiful Bell Urban Farm grown tulips once they start blooming!

🌷 What does it cost? Our tulip share costs $100 and includes a beautiful gift card, 4 bouquet coupons and one of our Bell Urban Farm glasses to use as a vase. Everything is beautifully wrapped and ready for gift giving! Your recipient can cash in the bouquet coupons as soon as our tulips begin blooming! (March-April).

🌷 Where can I purchase a tulip share? Sign up in store at our Farmstand at 2011 Tyler street in Conway! We are not offering tulip shares to be purchased online at this time.

🌷When do I need to purchase a tulip share by? For our tulip shares, you still have plenty of time to purchase! They will need to be purchased and gifted to your loved one anytime before our tulips start blooming in the spring :) The first blooms usually start early to mid March!

🌷I live out of town but I would like to gift one to a Conway relative! How can I purchase? You are welcome to call in and make your purchase over the phone! You just need to make sure your recipient can come pick up their wrapped vase and gift card/coupons in person at our Farmstand in Conway!

Location: Farmstand at Bell Urban Farm 2011 Tyler St. Conway, AR 72032

Farmstand Phone: 501-504-6996

🌷Tulip shares make the perfect gift that can be enjoyed all spring long!

Please email us at bellurbanfarm@gmail.com or call our Farmstand if you have any questions!


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