Bouquet Subscription
Bouquet Subscription
Bouquet Subscription
Bell Urban Farm

Bouquet Subscription

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Sign up for our weekly bouquet subscription for 12 weeks of fresh locally grown flower bouquets! Enjoy fresh flowers in your home all summer long!

The cost of the 12 week bouquet subscription breaks down to $20 per week, for a total of $240 (plus tax) for the whole 12 week season.

You will pick up a new paper wrapped bouquet each week at the Farmstand at Bell Urban Farm. Pickups start on June 2nd and the last pick up will be the weekend of August 18th. We make the bouquets fresh every Friday morning and you can pick up during the following days and times: Friday 1-6, Saturday 9-6 and Sunday 1-5. We will keep your bouquets fresh in our cooler until you pick up!

Flower Subscriptions (also called "flower shares") are similar to CSA (community supported agriculture) programs. You pay up front and enjoy the harvest all season long. Flower subscriptions are a great way to support your local flower farmers and enjoy fresh flowers in your home all summer long. 

Did you know that it has been scientifically proven that flowers make you happy? It's true! Having fresh flowers in your home has shown to reduce stress and improve mood.

Can you give Flower Subscriptions as gifts? YES! These make wonderful gifts for friends and family that keep on giving all summer long. Do you have a friend or family member that needs a little pick me up? Sign up for a flower subscription and treat them to a fresh bouquet each week!

Questions? Check out our Flower Share Q & A blog post!

Learn how to keep your bouquets looking fresh all week long!