Spring Farm Box Add On: Classic Sourdough Bread
Spring Farm Box Add On: Classic Sourdough Bread
Bell Urban Farm

Spring Farm Box Add On: Classic Sourdough Bread

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Enjoy a freshly baked loaf of sourdough bread with your Farm Box each week!

Classic sourdough bread will be baked fresh each Friday morning by our friends at BMB Creations. The sourdough add on is $12 per week for a total of $120 plus tax for the whole 10 week Spring Farm Box session.

What flavor will the bread be? This add on option is for the classic sourdough bread only. If you are interested in trying a new flavor each week, consider buying our "Wild Card" option! BMB will bake a new flavor for you to try each week!

How is sourdough bread different? Freshly baked sourdough uses only 3 main ingredients: water, flour and salt....Compare that to the ingredient list of a loaf of bread that you can buy at the big box grocery store! Those breads are often filled with ingredients and preservatives that we can barely even pronounce! Sourdough breads are often easier to digest and contain probiotics making them the healthier option.

If you have never had the sourdough from BMB, you are in for a treat! The flavor is like no other! Crusty on the outside, soft on the inside and toasts up to make the perfect sandwich. This bread is also amazing frozen because it defrosts perfectly for later use. Worried that you may not be able to use the whole loaf? Simply toss it in the freezer for later.

 Any questions about our Farm Boxes? See our Q&A here!

Q: Can I sign up for the add ons even though I am not getting a Farm Box?

A: Sure! Why not! You will still need to follow the Farm Box pick up schedule and pick up your add ons each week at the Farmstand.

More questions? Don't hesitate to email us at bellurbanfarm@gmail.com