Winter Farm Box Add On : Eggs
Bell Urban Farm

Winter Farm Box Add On : Eggs

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Enjoy a dozen farm fresh eggs with your Winter Farm Box each week with this add on!

Eggs are $7.50 per week for 8 weeks for a total of $60 plus tax for the whole Winter Farm Box session. You will pick up the eggs when you pick up your farm box each week!

What makes our eggs different? Our eggs are not comparable to "eggs" that you find at Big Box grocery stores. We buy our eggs fresh weekly from small local farmers here in your city. Our eggs come from hens that are treated humanely and allowed to free range or are moved to fresh grass daily. Our eggs come from hens that are fed with the best organic and/or non-GMO grains. Since our eggs come from chickens that are allowed to free range and eat grass, plants and bugs to their hearts content, they produce a higher quality, more nutritious egg then hens housed in large commercial facilities. 

Where do your eggs come from? Our eggs come from many local farmers and we are always adding new ones on to help us with supply! Most of our eggs currently come from Bradford Valley Farm, Chrystal Fields, Shaky K Farm, Bell Urban Farm and Happy Destiny Farm. Heifer Ranch will also be offering certified Organic eggs soon! Eggs will be a mix of colors: white, brown and green...colors will vary each week.

 Any questions about our Farm Boxes? See our Q&A here!

Q: Can I sign up for some add ons even though I am not getting a Farm Box?

A: Sure! Why not! You will still need to follow the Farm Box pick up schedule and pick up your add ons each week at the Farmstand.

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